The old man had never seen such swordsmanship in his life. At first sight. Although with no change to deal with all changes, dance into a ball. But when it comes to the speed of swordsmanship, how can it be compared with Xiao Yuesheng? He only blocked four or five swords, but he was broken and had no power to fight back. Shaking the tree, his arm blocking the car, he deeply experienced such a feeling, a deep sense of powerlessness rose from the bottom of his heart, and no longer had the courage to follow Xiao Yuesheng's sword. He hesitated for a moment, looked at the cold sword in his hand, showing the color of reluctance, after a moment, he gritted his teeth, untied the scabbard, returned the sword into the scabbard, slowly bent down, put the sword and scabbard together on the ground at his feet. This is obviously a long sword off, lost to Jiang Nanyun, there is no denial of the image. Jiangnan Yunying smiled, raised her right hand, and the sword and scabbard moved at the same time, leisurely flying,spill plastic pallet, as if with wings, flying to her right hand. Fan Xutong and the old man were immediately shocked by the ability to shoot objects in the air. Such internal force is just a legend. Nowadays, I haven't heard of anyone who has such internal force in Wulin. Even if he is as strong as Master Fang Zheng in Shaolin, he can't do it. The two men looked at each other with a wry smile. In the face of the master and disciples, they were afraid that the East China Sea faction would come out in full force, but it was of no help. Jiang Nanyun this hand internal force display, not deliberately show off, but contains a deep meaning,plastic wheelie bins, is to remind two people, don't want to jump over the wall, is a deterrent. Master Fan, if you have any news, you can go to Guanyun Villa outside Linan City. We'll live there. Don't let us look forward to it. Said Jiangnan Yun in a charming voice, looking at him with a smile that had a special meaning. Gang Leader Jiang can rest assured that our faction will go all out! Fan Xutong was disturbed by her smiling deep look. He hugged his fists and said helplessly. That would be the best! Jiangnan Yun smiled, glanced at the two of them, and whispered, "Master and I will wait for your good news.." With that, Xiao Yuesheng put his arms around Jiang Nanyun's willow waist, and the two figures flashed and disappeared. Fan Xutong opened his eyes and looked, but no one was there, as if they had disappeared from the ground. The old man loosened his body, sighed a long sigh, foldable bulk container ,wholesale plastic pallet, and slowly slid down to the ground. His face was decadent and gray, as if he had been old for more than ten years, and the wrinkles on his face had become much deeper. Uncle, Xiao Yihan really lives up to his reputation! Fan Xutong also sat down and sat directly on the green brick. He shook his head and sighed with emotion: "At the beginning, I thought the people outside were exaggerating on purpose!" "Xiao Yihan's swordsmanship, if you don't experience it personally, you'll never know how terrible he is!" The old man shook his head and said with a wry smile. Remembering the fight with Jiang Nanyun, Fan Xutong shook his head forcefully. He didn't want to think about it any more. With a lingering fear in his heart, he said with emotion, "Uncle, Jiang Nanyun's martial arts are also amazing. In my opinion, I'm afraid they are better than the blue!" "You are wrong!" The old man waved his hand feebly and looked down at his waist. He had loved the sword, but now it had disappeared, as if an organ on his body had been removed. He was indescribably distressed and uncomfortable. Third uncle, please give me some advice! Fan Xutong hurriedly said that the third uncle's martial arts were very high, and he was no match for him. The old man said slowly, "In my opinion, Jiang Nanyun's martial arts are better than his teacher Xiao Yihan's.". It's still far from it! "Oh?" Fan Xutong did not believe it, although the third uncle always spoke with evidence and would not talk nonsense. The old man sighed leisurely. He raised his head and looked up at the sky. He sighed faintly: "You have not experienced Xiao Yihan's swordsmanship. You can't understand its broad and profound." I think Jiang Nanyun's swordsmanship is a little more fierce and a little less aboveboard. After all, it is not kingcraft, but Xiao Yihan's swordsmanship. Vast as mountains, as broad as the starry sky, will give birth to irresistible thoughts. "So powerful?!" Fan Xutong turned pale slightly. We used to sit back and watch the sky! The old man stood up and patted the earth behind him. He looked up to the sky and let out a loud laugh. "It's all right. If you can see such gorgeous and overbearing swordsmanship, it won't be in vain to come to this world!" Fan Xutong looked at the third uncle with some concern. The third uncle would not have lost his mind. He could not resist a move. It was indeed a great blow. See Fan Xutong looking at himself worriedly. The old man waved his hand and said, "Go on, go on. Don't worry about me. Let me think about it here and see if I can recall Xiao Yuesheng's swordsmanship just now." Fan Xutong immediately fluttered, his eyes brightened, and he clapped his hands forcefully. Nodding his head, he said, "All right.". "My nephew will go at once, and my uncle will think about it." Say it. He performed his flying skills and left in a hurry. His third uncle, a genius, was really a rare talent of the East China Sea School. He was not only endowed with excellent skills, but also had a strong memory. He could learn swordsmanship as soon as he learned it. As long as he watched others perform it twice, he could remember it. Xiao Yihan's swordsmanship just now is so exquisite that even if he doesn't understand the geocentric method of his sword, he can only get its shape, which is already a great power. Although Xiao Yuesheng and Jiangnan Yun disappeared in Fan Xutong's field of vision, they were not far away, but chose a hidden place to hide, to listen to their words, in order to know the truth of the matter, whether the assassination of Pan roar really has nothing to do with the East China Sea faction. Master and disciples were close together, hiding behind the building and listening carefully. When he heard Fan Xutong say that Jiang Nanyun's martial arts were better than blue, Xiao Yuesheng gave Jiang Nanyun a sidelong glance. Embarrassed, Jiangnan Yun lowered his head and lowered his eyebrows, knowing that his master was dissatisfied with his low level of martial arts and had not inherited his mantle. In the end, when he heard that the old man wanted to restore Xiao Yuesheng's swordsmanship,plastic pallet supplier, Jiangnan Yun shook his head and shook his head gently, with a smile between his eyebrows. She sighed in her heart that the old man was asking for trouble. The subtlety of the master's swordsmanship lies in the use of mental skills and strength. Without the master's personal guidance, it would be difficult for others to guess its subtlety even if they were a hundred times smarter. Beggars' Sect's dog-beating stick method has been passed on by word of mouth. There is no pithy formula to complement it. Only its moves are useless. The martial arts of Guanyun Villa are also similar.