Screams came from the side, all the people in the room were confused, in the crowd of screaming or fear, Qi Chen saw Zhao Ru's pale face, and then he showed his first smile in this period of time. The boy's white face was stained with bright red blood spots, and the smile on his face was like a blade shining silver in the moonlight, cold and cruel. —— "I wrapped the knife around my stomach with tape, and no one noticed it. I was just trying to defend myself, but I didn't think it would really come in handy." "The man is not dead, the wound looks bad, but in fact the internal organs are not hurt at all." How much strength can a child have to defend himself in a state of panic? He is the field to look for fun, out of this kind of thing, he immediately left, had discussed with others to do things not to do, Zhao Ru wanted to take the line broken, and finally paid a lot of price. Later, she even took a sum of money to send me home, the house originally given to my family did not go back, a few years later I saw her again. For so many years, Zhao Ru was a cold nightmare for him, and the dirty past was what he had tried to forget for so many years! Zhao Ru left abroad a few years ago, he thought this life will never meet each other, but did not expect Zhao Ru will leave a photo! —— Qi Chen's body seemed to have lost its support. He held his head and bent down deeply. Humiliated,D BHB Factory, he spit out a few words from his teeth: "I'm disgusting, right?" Zhao Ru in the end said to Ye Chao what kind of words he dare not imagine, that picture is enough to depict too many dirty things, even if he told the truth, she can fully believe it? As a matter of common sense, who would think that their parents treat their own children so cruelly? Give it to my aunt, and my aunt will give it to someone. Will she believe it? Or will the "story" described by his aunt be more convincing. Either way, his statement is the least convincing one. —— "Qi Chen,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory," I do not know when, Ye Chao squatted in front of him, then kneeling on his knees, holding his face in both hands, he saw her eyes wet, as if there were tears moving, "these words are Zhao Ru said? You are very dirty, very disgusting, do not deserve anyone, all your life to listen to her to survive, is she said right?" Ye Chao understood Qi Chen's acquiescence, and his heart was even more painful. She tried to swallow the choking in her throat before opening her mouth: "Qi Chen, I tell you one thing, I am afraid of one thing." Qi Chen slightly raised his eyes, he could hardly believe what Ye Chao would be afraid of. She showed a bitter and embarrassed expression, and then said slowly: "When I was in high school, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, I became the boss of the school for no reason. Many people praised me and worshipped me.". Later, I accepted this identity and used my way to help protect the people around me. Occasionally, I could not avoid fighting with people from other groups. "Once my junior came to ask for help. He was jealous and excluded by the people in the class because of his poor family and excellent study. The other party was vicious and even almost stripped my junior's pants in public. I took someone to teach him a lesson and warned him not to insult my junior again." "At first, the man was so arrogant that he threatened me to kneel down and sleep with him again. But when I trampled him under my feet, he was so scared that he urinated." Then her voice suddenly trembled. "At that time, I could clearly feel his fear. Looking at his crying face, for the first time, I actually tasted the pleasure." Qi Chen looked at Ye Chao in surprise. That day I was so scared that I didn't sleep all night. "Ye Chao's eyes began to panic, and there was a layer of goose bumps all over her body. Until now, the fear was deeply imprinted in her bones." I actually felt pleasure when I hit people. Did I become the same as my father? I actually became the kind of person I hated most! " "Ye Chao." Qi Chen gave a low cry. Ye Chao seemed to have never heard of it, "I hate my father so much!"! But I became the same as him! I have always thought that my behavior is to fight violence with violence, punish evil and promote good, but no matter how high-sounding reasons I use, my behavior of hurting others will not change! I'm just doing violence in the name of justice, I can't escape the blood in my body, I'm afraid I'll become like my father in the future, to hurt others to get happiness and superiority.. "Ye Chao!" Qi Chen raised his voice. Ye Chao's whole body shook, the whole person paused, suddenly calmed down the intense emotions just now, she breathed deeply and gradually became calm, and when she opened her eyes again, she had regained calm, "Qi Chen, I was really afraid at that time, and now I am afraid, I am afraid to become my father's kind of person." "You're not." In the middle of his speech, he suddenly stopped as if he had realized something. "From then on, I began to restrain myself and seldom fought with others," said Ye Chao. Later, after the transfer of senior three, Ye Laoda became a legend in the local school. Ye Chao gathered Qi Chen's messy hair and said calmly, "You're right. I'm not. I'm different from my father. I won't be his kind of scum." She looked at Qi Chen's eyes, inside the surging tears have turned into firm eyes, "Qi Chen, your experience is enough to make people become a narrow-minded dark person, but you are not, from the first time I saw you, I know you are not." "You did not choose to sell your conscience and dignity for money when you were the poorest. You did not bow down when you were ridiculed, questioned and excluded by others. For so many years, you have always straightened your spine and moved forward step by step, which is enough to prove your courage and strength." "Not only that, but you also help others. Remember the girl who was almost drunk in the bar? You never looked on coldly. How can you be dirty when you are so honest and kind?" "So you can't say that again, not even yourself, I won't allow it!" "Those who slander you are dirty people, Qi Chen. Don't live as they expect you to. Believe in yourself." Her gentle and firm words, like invisible and shining hands, pulled him out of the dark mire. Qi Chen's eyes flashed with incredible light, dyed with deep desire, and his chest, which had been suppressed for a long time and could not breathe,Quillaja Saponin, finally smelled fresh air. "Really?" He murmured? I Does it match? Worthy of such praise, happy life, beautiful Ye Chao.