Shower pans are shower bases that form the bottom part of the shower area.  This is the area where the water stays and gets collected while you’re taking a shower or any form of activity that requires letting the water run.

Shower pans, also known as shower bases or shower trays, are a great foundation and act as a base of the shower stall, in addition to having drainage capacity (via holes) within them to allow water to flow and not to clog up.  This prevents what could be otherwise costly leaks as they facilitate the free flow of water through the drainage system.

Acrylic is a clear plastic that Shower Repairs Sydney somewhat resembles glass, though it’s far more flexible and safe in terms of the pressure it can handle.  One popular form of acrylic is fiberglass.  Acrylic is not only used for shower pans, but you’ll find it in other parts of the shower like shower doors and shower enclosures.

There are many reasons to consider choosing acrylic shower pans.  It’s stronger, making it really resistant and really safe, and it won’t break as easily as glass might with pressure. It’s also very lightweight and really easy to mold, which makes the job for workers very easy when it comes to fitting your shower base to the surface of your shower.

The disadvantage of this material in shower pans is that it is really expensive and when exposed to a direct flame it can burn or melt, so it’s important that things are installed properly.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, contains thin fibers of glass and is formed into a woven layer.  To mold fiberglass, resins are added to form and it molds for the sake of shower pans, enclosures and others. Either way, acrylic shower pans and fiberglass shower pans usually have non-slip surfaces for the safety of those who use these showers.

Shower pans can also be made from any kinds of composite materials that can be molded, those usually being marble or stone.  Both successfully take on the preferred embodiment of a shower pan once the molding has been completed.

Having said that, since shower pans are made of molded and fabricated materials,  the size or shape of the shower pan doesn’t really matter much. In order to choose the right shower pan, whether it’s for a new shower or simply serving as a shower pan replacement, try to keep the following in mind.

When taking a shower, try to look at the grout in the shower stall.  Grout is the semi-cement material that you’ll find between the tiles.  It fills the cores of the tiles, and if the grout is cracked then water in your shower is most likely coming out from the holes.