Best Places to Visit in Uttrakhand in 2022

Are you interested in visiting the destinations in Uttarakhand? Here’s a list of the top places to go in Uttarakhand to have a unique adventure and an unforgettable vacation in the snow-capped mountains and the peaceful landscape. Discover heaven as we present you the most beautiful destinations to explore in this paradise within Northern India. Explore the top Uttarakhand tourist destinations!

·         Dehradun And Mussoorie – Picturesque Location

·         Nainital And Ranikhet – Popular Getaway

·         Rishikesh And Haridwar – Adventure Capital

·         Lansdowne –Picnic Destination

·         Chardham (Yamnotri, Gangotri, Badrinath And Kedarnath) –Diverse Spiritual Essence

·         Dhanaulti – Gorgeous Snowfall

·         Binsar – Spell Binding Views

·         Bhimtal – Offbeat Version Of Nainital

·         Landour – For Peace Seekers

·         Tehri Garhwal – Spiritual Significance


1. Dehradun And Mussoorie – Picturesque Location


The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun has a idyllic location, with a stunning panorama over the Himalayan ranges as well as the river Ganga flowing along either side of the town. Mussoorie is situated within a distance of 38 kilometers from Dehradun. It is said to be the “Queen of Hills’ and attracts numerous tourists every year to visit the famous Uttrakhand places which makes it the most picturesque spot to visit in Uttarakhand.

What is the reason? because There are just handful incredible weekend getaways such as Dehradun and Mussoorie.
Perfect for peace lovers honeymooners, family members and friends
The best season to be there All through the year
The ideal duration 2 to 3 days
How to get there The journey takes about 5 hours to travel to Dehradun from Delhi via the road. If you are in Dehradun, Mussoorie is just an hour’s drive away. The closest airport is Dehradun the Dehradun – Jolly Grant Airport.
Activities to Do: Visit the National Parks, Lakes, Kempty Falls, Benog Hill & Jwalaji Temple. The Monastery Resorts and Forest research institute located in Dehradun
Places To Stay: Ramada Dehradun Chakrata Road, AruBhi Cottage, Hotel Relax, Tapasya Home Stay, FabHotel Invitation


2. Nainital And Ranikhet – Popular Getaway



The most beautiful places to visit within Uttarakhand which is a very popular vacation spot for families and couples is Nainital. It is located near the famed Naini Lake in the valley which is with mountains surrounding it from all sides, one can admire the breathtaking views of the natural beauty in this area. There is also plenty to see and do with intriguing tourist destinations in Nanital. There are 2 of the destinations to explore in Uttarakhand during the monsoon!

Why The lush green view of Nainital provides a stunning panorama that is part of The Himalayan ranges. Explore the trails for trekking in Ranikhet and camp at the top of the spot.
Great for Honeymoon couples, office workers, couples, and families
The best season to be there all through the year
The ideal duration days: 4 to 5 days
How to get there: Nainital does not have direct the internet via air. Nainital’s nearest railway station is at 34 kilometers in Kathgodham. It takes around seven hours to travel from Delhi to get to Nainital.
Activities to take in Visit the temples that host tourists in Ranikhet or go on a trek and also visit the Nainital Zoo along with Naini Lake. Explore the wildlife sanctuary as well as the beautiful weather that the hills station.
Places To Stay:Kainchi Dham Hilly Homestay , Hotel Chandra Inn Royal Rose, The Manu Maharani, The Naini Retreat


3. Rishikesh And Haridwar – Adventure Capital


Another should visit to Uttarakhand is the capital of adventure, Rishikesh and the capital of pilgrimage, Haridwar. Haridwar is a destination that tourists are enthralled by the its rustic charm and the spirituality of the city and the surrounding area. Rishikesh is widely regarded as one of the most exotic spots for a trip in Uttarakhand. A few of the most exciting things you can do at Rishikesh include the bungee jumping, river rafting mountain biking, and many other activities.

What is the reason?: Rishikesh as it is the capital of adventure of India; Haridwar for the peace and tranquility.
Perfect for anyone Couples, friends and families.
The best moment to go Any time of the year is ideal with the exception of monsoons.
Ideal time between 3 and 4 days
How to get there The nearest airport is located in Dehradun. Trains connect Rishikesh as well as Haridwar.
What to Do Participate in the Ganga Aarti in Haridwar which is a holy dip into the River Ganga or take an outing on the boat, feast on the local food and speak to the spiritual Gurus. Visit the Ashrams in Rishikesh or go for water sports activities in Rishikesh and trek up the hills.
Places To Stay:Om Shivaay Inn, Shaantam Resorts and Spa, Shiv Shakti Hostel, Swiss Cottage Rishikesh, Hill Top Swiss Cottage


4. Lansdowne – Picnic Destination


The town of cantonment Lansdowne was established in the viceroy’s reign of India in the British time and is considered to be among the top in regards to Uttarakhand places of interest. The city is well-known for its peaceful and peaceful ambience. It is mostly a place to picnic for those looking to spend time in peace in the mountains. Other activities that are very popular in Lansdowne include camping, hiking, and a nature walk.

Why is for those who want to experience Nature’s beauty
Perfect for everyone – family as well as friends and couples.
The best season to be there from April through June
The ideal duration days: between 3 and 4 days
How to get there: Kotdwar is the closest railway station, with a distance of just 1 hour.
Activities to enjoy Take a stroll in the natural surroundings wander around and discover the surrounding towns, museums and viewpoints.
Places To Stay:Vacation Rental Lansdowne, The Alpine Resort, Hills of Adventure, Samskara & Samsara Resort


5. Chardham (Yamnotri, Gangotri, Badrinath And Kedarnath) – Diverse Spiritual Essence


If you’re in search of an opportunity to explore the varied spirituality of India while exploring these amazing Uttarakhand tourist spots, then it is not possible to beat a trip to the Chardhamwhich includes Yamnotri, Gangotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath.

What is the reason? It is thought to be among the most holy places of pilgrimage according to Hindu mythology.
Perfect for religious travellers as well as tourists looking for insights into Hindu Mythology.
The best timing to come Any time during the year, with the exception of monsoons.
The ideal duration 5-6 Days
How to get there: Badrinath and Gangotri are easily accessible via the road. The two other destinations, Kedarnath as well as Yamnotri require an extensive trek. There’s also an Himalaya Darshan helicopter tour that allows you to complete the journey in just two days. The nearest railway station is located in Rishikesh. From that point, tourists must hire an automobile or bus service to get there.
Activities to take part in The spiritual pilgrimage is a must to the temples, visit them and take in the beautiful hills.


6. Dhanaulti – Gorgeous Snowfall


In the midst of the majestic Himalayan mountains, Dhanaulti is just about 60 km away from the famous hill station known as Mussoorie. Dhanaulti might not have the most impressive tourist attractions and plenty of things to do, however anyone seeking a relaxing weekend getaway close to Delhi must pay an excursion to Dhanaulti. It’s possibly an extremely picturesque tourist destinations within Uttarakhand for family excursions.

What’s the reason?If you’re traveling during winter, you should be prepared expect a stunning snowfall. If you’re planning to travel in the summer months, make sure you plan take advantage of the mild and cool climate.
Perfect For:Families and friends
The best timing to go: October to January and April-June
Ideal duration: 2 days
How to get there:Dhanaulti is about 60 kilometers away from Mussoorie It’s easy to access from Dehradun. There’s no frequent public transportation service, however you can use a private or shared taxi.
What to see:Watch a perfect sunrise and sunset, enjoy a camping trip along with long strolls in thick forest of pine and deodar
Places To Stay:Ransuli Resort, Hotel Drive Inn, Garden Cottage, The Green Valley Resort, Dhanaulti Camp Homes and Nature Resort


7. Binsar – Spell Binding Views


Binsar is situated within an entire sanctuary for wildlife. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations located in Uttarakhand. It is situated at an altitude of 2,400 meters, it’s located in a somewhat isolated location that has stunning panoramic views over Nanda Devi Nanda Kot Kedarnath as well as Chaukhambha. As with many other places, binsar is associated with mythology because the gods of the area Golu devta fought with the King of Binsar. Staying in a homestay at Binsar can be considered among the most luxurious accommodation options located in the Himalayan region.

What is the reason? You’re seeking a break from the bustle of city here is the location for you.
The best moment to be there during the summer months; October and November
Perfect for Nature lovers Peace seekers, nature lovers
The ideal duration 3-to-4 days
How to get there The closest airport can be found at Pant Nagar airport at a distance of 143km from Binsar. Kathgodam is the closest train station (110 km) and has a good connection with major towns. If traveling with a personal car, it is charged INR 50 for entry fee.
Activities to take part in such as sightseeing, photography and lazing around and trekking, trips to the sanctuary for wildlife
Places To Stay: Binsar Adventure Camp, Simba cafe & lodge, Binsar Forest Retreat, The Kumaon


8. Bhimtal – Offbeat Version Of Nainital


The location is also situated at an elevation of 1370m from sea level. It is famous for its temples, which are situated in the midst of stunning mountains. The Bhimtal town Bhimtal is well-known in the past.

Nature is at its finest in this area and your trip here will be one of tranquility and peace. The entire town is covered in dense pines, oaks and trees A wonderful place to be in touch with nature. Bhimtal is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit within Uttarakhand.

What’s the point? If you’re coming from Delhi and are looking for a relaxing getaway, this could be the ideal getaway from the bustling city .
Ideal for: weekend getaways
The best timing to go from From March to June, and from September through December
The ideal duration 2-to-3 days
How to get there the airport: At an approximate distance of 58km to Bhimtal, Pantnagar airport is the nearest. The railway station is thought to be to be the most convenient. It’s located in Kathgodam. Taxis are accessible from both places.
What to Do Visit temples, take a boat ride
Places To Stay:The Fern Hillside Resort, Neelesh Inn, TAG Resorts Lavanya, The Prince, The Verandah


9. Landour – For Peace Seekers


A few kilometers away from bustling Mussoorie There’s a tranquil paradise known as Landour. It’s unlikely that you’ve heard much about it, but it’s one of the most tranquil locations to visit in Uttarakhand.

You can choose to stay in a historic property in Landour or arrange for an all-day excursion from Mussoorie. However, if you’re looking for a place which aren’t as busy and commercialized and less crowded, then you should consider swapping Mussoorie and head to Landour. It is possible to read this guide on Landour for more details.

Why?For the beauty of the scenery and the tranquility in the mountain ranges. The area is also well-known for its tasty homemade jams and cheese.
Perfect for:Couples and peace-seekers
The best season to be there: Throughout the year
Ideal duration: 2 days
How to get there:It’s easily accessible from Mussoorie. It is possible to take a cab on mall road Mall Road or can walk to the park if you want to walk through the cold forest.
What to Do:Buy homemade marmalade, cheese, jam and taste their bread. In Char Dukan, do not overlook their delicious pancakes and pizzas.
Places To Stay:Castle View, La Villa Bethany, The Cliffe, Rokeby Manor


10. Tehri Garhwal – Spiritual Significance


Tehri Garhwal is a district located in the stunning hills of Uttrakhand. It is known for its significance in the spiritual realm. There are numerous temples throughout the area. Visitors also come to this stunning spot to admire the stunning views. Other attractions worth mentioning include a large lake as well as dam. It is also at the at the top of those who love trekking as it has many trek trails. There are many beautiful spots to explore in Garhwal and exploring them will make you feel like you’re spending a wonderful time with your loved ones.

What is the reason? It’s a location that has many spiritual meanings. If you want to see stunning sights, temple hopping, and trekking This is an absolute must-see the place.
Perfect to: Ascetic trip, adventurers
The best season to be there: March to May
Best duration: 3 to 4 days
How to get there: The nearest airport to Tehri Garhwal is Dehradun situated at 130km from the city and the closest railway station is Rishikesh which is 115 kilometers away. There are bus service direct that connect to and from in the town of Tehri Garhwal.
What to Do: Trekking, temple exploring as well as visiting Tehri dam
Places To Stay: Hotel Devki Palace, TEHRI CLUB AND RESORT, Hotel Friends Club Resort & Restaurant, Himalaya Holiday Inn.


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