Traveling with breast milk can be challenging.  Lugging a heavy cooler around, keeping it at the right temperature, hoping the bags don’t leak, the time and stress checking it through TSA…  What if Moms had an easier solution?  Boobiejuice!  A company located in Tempe, Arizona that freeze dries Mom’s very own breast milk and turns it into a powder.  

Boobiejuice a is a freeze dried breast milk service company that takes your very own breast milk and turns it into a nutrient dense, freeze dried power.  The powder does not need refrigeration, takes up very little space and has a shelf life for 3+ years! 

We freeze dry breast milk to lock in nutrition while creating a self stable powder that can rehydrate into a bottle or fortify baby’s favorite foods. The pouches are compact and easy to store in a diaper bag or carry on bag.  Baby is hungry, let’s make a quick bottle.  All you need is a Boobiejuice pouch, warm water, and an empty bottle.  Each Boobiejuice pouch contains a label with the exact water amount needed to reconstitute that bag to its liquid form.  Simply pour content of the Boobiejuice pouch into the bottle, add the amount of water needed, swirl and serve!  An easy, on-the-go solution for Mom and baby.

Besides travel, Boobiejuice is also a great option for families who are moving.  They have helped numerous Moms with PCS Military Permanent Change of Service moves.  Take the hassle of transporting bulky coolers, frozen breast milk and long car rides with the ease of a compact, freeze dried breast milk pouch.  

Visit BoobieJuice to Freeze Dry Breast Milk today!