Building Surveyors are responsible for almost every facet of a building. They make inspections and write reports based upon the data that is found. This can be private or public, commercial or government owned property. No matter who owns the construction site, the surveyors are commonly responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. Whether taking measurements or making sure that the area is safe to work, the duties are all encompassing, making each job a unique experience.

Every company that is even remotely involved in the construction business, needs a professional of this type to ensure that not only is the baugutachter construction up to code, but the site is safe to work. Everything is inspected and analyzed, whether it is a new building going up or an old one that is being retrofitted with new plumbing and wiring. Even during tough economic times, there are construction sites in need of a building surveyor. The government is one of the biggest hiring agencies for this profession, and will give a break to a new person trying to get started in this field. There are numerous places requiring this service in the Federal system. Another great place to look is local municipalities. Although these jobs tend to be short term, when one is finished, another tends to open up. This could lead to long term employment for the dedicated professional.

With the advent of technology, there are many more places to look online. Any of the major job boards will bring up a great selection of openings in this field. Candidates have to perform some due diligence on their own regarding location and reliability of the firm, but this only requires a quick check before applying. Word of mouth and local union shops also can bring up some great possibilities for work. The local paper may also indicate what is available. There is a great deal of related work that can be done with the variety of experiences performed as a building surveyor.

A person interested in this occupation can get started through an apprenticeship program. Following a two year associates degree program, a candidate can get started under a professional surveyor. This is typically another 2 year stretch before a professional license can be applied for. After the certification test is completed and passed, an individual can then choose a firm to work for. Many people choose to freelance, offering their services for consultation fees only.

There is no shortage of building surveyor jobs available. Even during a downturn in the economy, many firms will choose the less costly option to renovate instead of building from the ground up. No matter what is chosen, a building surveyor is still needed in order to perform the critical inspection services before anything else can happen. This is good news for anybody considering surveying as a career choice. Different branches of the craft can mean even more ways to practice this occupation.