The answer to this question is actually yes. You can. However, it may not be the smartest thought. You could lose some critical energy reserve funds thusly, and your windows could actually be harmed simultaneously. Here’s the reason:


It is possible to cause further harm to the band and the actual window while supplanting a solitary pane in a double-paned window.

Seals can be harmed during the substitution cycle, bringing about less productive windows and, in any event, misting between the panes.

Any gas infused between the panes to make them more productive and successful will get away, again decreasing effectiveness.

So is there ever a time when supplanting the panes checks out? The response is “it depends.” On the off chance that you have historic window outlines you are attempting to safeguard, your edges are new or looking good, and in the event that the glass can be supplanted minus any additional harm to the window, it is conceivable. You’ll need to contact a professional, no doubt.