Is it the best time to apply for a Canada PR Visa via Express Entry?


The Express Entry Draws for the All Program have been resumed as of July 6, 2022, according to Visa Solutions 4U, a company that specialises in Canadian immigration. So the Company is taking the initiative to make sure clients get as much visa approval as they can If they apply now.


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Candidates who are qualified for all programs may now submit an application for permanent residence thanks to the return of the Express Entry draw.


A total of 5,250 Express Entry applicants were asked by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to submit applications for permanent residence till now. The cutoff score for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is also gradually decreasing. So many people are trying to get their profiles in the pool, so you should get your Invitation to Apply (ITA).


In the final all-program draw before the hiatus, held on December 23, 2020, IRCC distributed 5,000 Invitations to Apply (ITA). After that, only draws for applicants to the PNP and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) were conducted by IRCC. As a result of IRCC’s inability to process CEC applications within the necessary six months, draws for CEC applicants were put on hold after September 21, 2021.


New Express Entry applications will take six months to process


According to the Canadian Immigration Minister, the IRCC may start  processing new Express Entry applications in six months.


According to IRCC briefing materials, between September 2021 and February 2022, IRCC was able to clear over 50,000 applications from its database. The document, which had to be signed by March 31, 2022, stated that while IRCC Express Entry inventory is sufficient to achieve 2022 levels goals, IRCC would need to start sending invites between July and September in order to fulfil 2023 levels.


The 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan states that the IRCC plans to accept 55,900 Express Entry applicants in 2022 who do not have PNP. Then, IRCC plans to admit 75,750 of these applicants in 2023. The targets are expected to increase to 111,500 by 2024. To reach the 2024 immigration target, IRCC will need to start expanding draw sizes in advance. By November 1, when the new multi year immigration levels plan must be laid out, these plans may be modified.


All of this suggests that we are aware that the number of viewers for these programs will keep rising in line with the objectives of the levels plan. The power of IRCC to maintain these facts and Canada’s requirement for immigrants will continue to have an impact on draw sizes. Hopefully by the end of 2022, IRCC will try to hold more all program draws to reach the immigration goals so it will be beneficial if you apply before that to get your PR via Visa Solutions 4U.


Canada Bill C19 – Express Entry Immigration


Now that the Bill C19 requirements have been established, Visa Solutions 4U will start assisting qualified applicants who wish to reside in Canada. The bill enables Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to invite Express Entry candidates based on standards that meet new economic requirements, giving occupation and educational background a higher priority than the Comprehensive Ranking System Score (CRS).


The majority in at least 10 years, according to research, nearly 50% of Canadian companies countrywide report having trouble filling positions. The aging of the population in Canada, which results in a shortage of workers to fill open positions, is one factor contributing to this situation. In a few years, more than 20% of Canadians will be 65 or older. Additionally, the labor market will experience particularly dramatic ratios and pressing requirements in specific parts of the country. In 2022, welders, engineers, drivers, and health care workers will be among the most in-demand professions countrywide.


Candidates will be assisted by Visa Solutions 4U, which operates its IELTS testing facility, as they navigate the paperwork and procedures required to become eligible for the new program. Although the first draws for Express Entry under Bill C19 won’t happen until the first quarter of 2023, Visa Solutions 4U encourages clients to apply right away for the parallel and ongoing Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).


The PNP chooses candidates throughout the year, but for those who are turned down, Bill C19 offers an opportunity because there will be a large number of candidates with the same occupation in the Express Entry pool once IRCC begins choosing based on occupation. Based on the date the application was received in the Express Entry pool, those people will probably be chosen, so It really is the best time to get your PR application process started.


PNPs can improve your CRS.


If you qualify for Express Entry, being in the pool may allow you the opportunity to receive an invitation to apply for Canadian immigration. It may also allow you to be nominated by a province, which would increase your CRS score by 600 points and put you at the upper edge of the Express Entry pool. Even if a candidate’s CRS score falls below 400, Canadian provinces may still invite them to apply for a provincial nomination. For instance, Alberta has been known to extend invitations to applicants with scores as low as 300.


Your application will be accepted into the Express Entry pool for a full year. For a better chance of receiving an ITA, you have until now to boost your CRS score.


Although there are no guarantees in Canadian immigration, Express Entry gives you the opportunity to become eligible for permanent residency six months after you apply as long as your profile is in the EE pool.


Canada PR Process with Visa Solutions 4U


Our Complete Service & Processing Consists of:


Checklist of documents

Complete application and migration processing

Filing of Forms, Documentation, and Petition

Advice on how to obtain the particular police clearance certificate

Support with medical

Follow-up with the Embassy and updates

If necessary, preparation for the visa interview

Coaching for English (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP)*

Help with accommodations

Assistance in job search


(*This service comes with an extra charge.)


To determine your Express Entry eligibility is the first step.


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