How to Mask an Image in Adobe InDesign

When using image masking in InDesign, you will always use a clipping path. You can create a clipping path in one of two ways. You can create one manually with the pen tool, or you can use an image clipping path. The latter is more common, as manually creating a clipping path can be difficult and time-consuming. Using an image clipping path is easy. First, import the image you want to mask into InDesign. Then, use the file menu to select the image and go to “create clipping path.” This will give you the option to create a path with the “grow” or “shrink” option. Choose “shrink,” and you’ll be able to select and edit the clipping path. You can resize and reshape it until it has the right dimensions and appearance. You can then select and replace the image in your design with this clipping path more information