Ever hear about taking creatine for weight loss? You probably won’t find many articles addressing this, because the answer to this question is trickier than it first appears. pre workout zonder caffeine will explain how you can quickly lower your body fat percentage with creatine, but you won’t be losing weight. So if your goal is fat loss or lowering your body fat percentage you will like this article. If you simply want to lose weight, then this isn’t for you.

How Creatine Works

I will explain how creatine works without getting too technical. I could throw around a bunch of scientific terms, but most likely this will just cause you to “zone out”. So let me explain how creatine works in simple terms. When you take creatine it makes the muscles bigger by increasing the fluid within each individual muscle cell. This is called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Users of creatine can expect 5-10 pounds of muscle growth within 4-6 weeks of taking creatine on a daily basis.

So How Can You Lower Your Body Fat Percentage With Creatine?

Well your body fat percentage is a function of how much fat you have compared to your total body mass. So you can either lose body fat -OR- increase your lean body mass to lower your body fat percentage. So you can drop 1-2% body fat percentage right before a vacation or special event if done properly.

How to Use Creatine Before a Vacation to Look More Ripped

I would recommend holding off on using creatine until 3-4 weeks before a vacation or special event. Many people use creatine in the winter to add muscle, but that isn’t the most effective strategy. A better way is to diet down while maintaining your muscle many months before your vacation. Get as lean as possible using nothing but a good diet and workout. Save creatine as your magic bullet, when you simply can’t get any leaner. Begin taking 5 grams two times per day 3-4 weeks from your event. Continue to diet hard. You will quickly add 5-15 pounds of volume to your muscle, making any body fat you do have look much less significant in comparison.

This Creatine Strategy Also Ensures “Shrink Wrapped” Skin

Taking creatine right before your vacation also tightens up the skin around your abs. You see, loose skin blurs muscle definition especially around your abs. When you take creatine right before your vacation your entire body will fill in any loose skin and creates a skin tight effect. So while creatine for weight loss may not be a reality, it will look as if you have lost weight.