What is meant by ebay’s best match algorithm?

Ebay best match algorithm designed to bring the optimized and well performed seller listings to fix on its search results.

As a seller if you want to fit your ebay selling account listings at the ebay search results then you have to optimize on your ebay sellers account listings.

This activity will easily bring up your listings to the ebay best match algorithm.

The ebay best match algorithm is the reason to show up your listings at the most relevant searches of the listings.

In other words it is a deciding factor for the buyer to buy your products.

How does the eBay Best match algorithm work?

Ebay best Match algorithm is formulated to sort a list of the relevant searches / listings.

If you want to display your listing items at top search results then do consider the below factors.

Check on the content whether it will match with the buyer’s search items.

Check on whether you decided to sell on trending and most demanded items.

Check out your price of the item is similar to other sellers fixed and not exceeded than other sellers on other platforms.

Check on the quality of your listing in the terms of description, high definition images 

Check on whether your listing item contains a return policy and you provide the tracking record for your orders.

Check on whether you follow the ebay listing and selling practices.

Check on whether you do have any buyer disputes

If you check on all above factors and find you completed all the listings factors correctly, then be hopeful that your listing will obviously fit into the ebay best match algorithm.

What to do to get ebay preference for your listings?

The more information about you provided on ebay the better chance you have for fitting in the ebay best match algorithm.

Write descriptive content with keywords added on the title and descriptions.

Make sure that your title should not exceed 80 characters.

In general you can add 12 images for free onto your ebay listings.

Add item specifics, such as make, model, size, color, and style

Some other tips for the sellers while fixing on the listings

More importantly you have to select the right selling format

If you want to sell it quickly then make use of auction-style format 

Also auction style format is well suited for the sellers who sell on unique and unfamiliar items.

And the fixed price format suits those who know the value of the item and suits those who sell on familiar items.

You can sell out multiple items by grouping them into one and can list under the multi-quantity or multi-variation listing, this will make you hold large inventory and can minimize your insertion fees too.

If you planned to showcase your listings for more than 10 days. Then choose the right category and list it.

Choose the category which is most relevant to your items. 

If needed you can also choose to list in a second category, but always include the HD images to your listings.

One pro tip: never add any borders or text to your photos, and never use copyrighted images and it is insisted to use only brand new images not copied.

Be clear in  providing all your selling terms, and be clear on your terms and conditions.

Include shipping and handling costs, accepted payment methods, and your return policy

Clearly specify any international limits in your return policy or warranties

Maintain a positive selling experience to your buyers and be in touch with the buyers until the item reaches on time and reach them without any defects.

Hope you enjoy the blog and get an idea to place your ebay sellers account in the best match algorithm.

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