Laparoscopy is a kind of procedure that requires smaller cuts than one would imagine. In this Article, You will learn the Procedure, Treatment & Even Consult with our Best Laparoscopic Surgeon.


The name derives from the laparoscope, which is a small tool that comes with tiny video cameras and an LED on its end. When surgeons insert it through a tiny cut in the body, they are able to see a video screen and observe what’s happening inside your body. Without the instruments, they’d need to create a bigger opening. Because of special tools, surgeons won’t be able to access the body. This also means that there will be less cutting.


Have you heard of people talking of “minimally invasive” surgery? The laparoscopic procedure is among them. It was initially used by doctors to perform gallbladder surgeries and gynecology surgeries. Then, it was used for the intestinal tract, liver as well as other organs.