Summer is a great time to enjoy family fun with your family. However, work schedules, summer camps and other events may prevent family vacations. But fun family activities don’t have to be on the road. You can make great memories with your family in your own backyard!


Here are some family activities you can do in your own backyard this summer


Set up a Virtual camping

Virtual camping is the perfect way to enjoy nature’s health benefits from the safety of your living room, backyard or balcony. All you need to do is set up a tent, pillow fort or hammock, cook morels on the grill or oven, and get ready to blend in with nature and the park. Telling scary ghost stories or sing around a campfire. Campfire games such as 20 Questions, Lucky/Unlucky and I Go to the Market can also be played virtually. Plus, your family and friends can prepare and dine around the campfire or using the outdoor grill.


You will want a durable and sturdy tent. A sturdy pop-up canopy tent will help protect your family from harmful UV rays before the sun goes down. 


Backyard Badminton Family Tournament

There are many games you can play in your backyard, such as horseshoes and corn pits. But playing badminton can really make your blood boil when you sweat. You can organize home tournaments, badminton has simpler rules and easy scoring.


You don’t need a lot of space in your backyard to build a badminton court. However, you do want to make sure the pitch is not near the fence. That way, you don’t leave the yard to pick up the wrong shuttlecock.


Also, when you set up the pitch, you should include a shaded area. The 10×15 commercial canopy can be used for breaks between games, or for family viewing. It is easy to store after the game. They also don’t take up much space in your backyard, so there’s more room to play!


Build Giant Yard Games

Game nights can also bring a whole new life to life when you want to build a giant patio game for your home!


You don’t need to be a master craftsman to create your own giant board game. For many games, all you need is some wood, saw, sandpaper and paint for some family fun. Games like Jenga, Scrabble, Checkers, and Domino can be made by amateur carpenters. If you are an advanced craftsman, you can try connecting the more complex games of the fourth level!


Large yard games can also be played during the day. However, you need to protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These family activities should be performed under a reliable  canopy — American Phoenix Tent.


Plus, big yard games aren’t just for backyard family events. They can be used to entertain at your kid’s birthday party, to entertain at your next picnic, to take to a picnic, and more. When you’re not using them, you can put them in a plastic box and put them in your backyard shed.


A family vacation can be a great experience, but it can also be a stressful experience, and not-so-pleasant memories for your kids.


Life can hit you quickly, the only constant is change. Make the most of your family time and your backyard space for a yard family fun, and they’ll also help your family create unbreakable bonds.