VB Engineering is an engineering company provides electrical safety audit services in usa like Arc Flash Risk Assessment, NFPA 70E 2018, Arc Flash Consultants, Electrical Arc Flash Training, Power system studies. Electrical Safety Regulations are drafted by regulatory bodies like OSHA, IEEE 1584, NEC, NFPA 70E such that the companies and industries comply to the regulations specified and provide a safe working environment to its operating personnel.

These regulations were formulated by extensive research on Arc Flashes and other Electrical Hazards.

Arc Flash Study Requirements OSHA specify a certain operating standard to be complied without any relaxation. These regulations are modified based on the new researches complying to various practical scenarios.

IEEE 1584 2018 is one such recent amendment made on extensive research DONE on various electrode configurations, fault currents, bolted fault currents. With VB Engineering you can rest assured as we implement the Arc Flash Study Requirements OSHA in the Arc Flash Study, Arc Flash Analysis, determination of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and complying to NEC 110 in the Short Circuit Coordination Study.

• Inherently flame retardant in nature of fabric and sewing thread


• Corrosion of the contact points, Dust accumulation leading to unwanted paths for the Arc Current. This situation arises mainly due to the reason that many of the Arc Flash protective devices are designed to operate for a specific current ratings usually the Arc ratings. This is incorporated so as to avoid their tripping for faults other than Arc Flash currents which may range about 6KA and thus avoid lines being interrupted for other electrical faults.


• Failure of Protective devices to operate. This may be due to the lack of periodical analysis carried out at the firm. NFPA 70E clearly specifies that an Arc Flash Study be evaluated for a period of every 3 years .


• Failure of the circuit breakers and other protective devices due to an absence in the upgradation of the protective equipment. NFPA 70E AND OSHA regulations specify that an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and a Short Circuit Coordination Study be carried out when there is a change 30 % of load in the firm.


• Dielectric breakdown


• Faulty operational practices like operating the switches, covers of the devices owing to untrained professionals.