You have done this many times–browsing through the popular job categories on a job search website! However, you might not be knowing that some employers post positions on such websites just to give the impression of being transparent in their hiring procedure. Some jobs are not removed from these listings even when employees have been hired. All facts kept together, job search sites are still important, in fact, very crucial for getting jobs. However, you have to use them “intelligently.” You can’t depend solely on them. So its time to move on, to adopt new online techniques for job search. These job search sites have to be used as a valuable resource in this process. Here I tell you how?

Use Job Search Sites to Enrich Your Resume

Most of the employers use applicant 여우알바 tracking softwares where you rank high when you fill in the proper keywords in your resume. Figure out these keywords by researching about the job postings on the job search sites, particularly of those employers who are actually hiring people. When your application is screened, you will have high chances to get a call for interview if your resume contains the right keywords.

Expand Network

The present trend of hiring scenario prefers the references from the known sources. Candidates who have been referred by the people already working in the company get preference over others. A newspaper report stated that seventy percent of aspiring candidates find jobs through someone they know. It means you have to expand your network so that you know some or the other person in the offices you wish to join. Use social and professional networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace–the list is almost endless viewing at today’s web possibilities. Just research and get popular on web.

Online networking doesn’t stop you from getting into real networking. Develop friendship with online friends in real terms too. Meet people wherever you can–networking events, classes, parties, anywhere possible.