Glass equipment called a “dab rig” is made to be used with cannabis concentrates rather than cannabis flowers. Dab rigs come in various designs, from straightforward “dab straws” (a tube of Glass or quartz that has been heated at one end for smoking concentrates) to electronic dab rigs. Most dab rigs have a main “rig” and a “nail” attachment.

You’ll need the following supplies to utilize a dab: The following list of supplies, along with definitions, is needed to use a dab rig:

A piper or gadget called a “dab rig” is used to consume cannabis concentrates. All Happy Valley locations and nearby head stores, smoke shops, and dispensaries carry dab rigs. Typically, prices go between $30 on the low and $500K on the high. “Heavy glass dab rigs” are the name for high-end dab rigs.

Dab Rig Nail: A titanium, ceramic, or quartz banger nail may be a term you are familiar with. This dab rig component resembles a bong bowl (dab bowl). Your concentrates are kept there.

An electronic dab rig is an electric current-powered heating element that can be used instead of conventional burned nails. A controller box controls the flow of electricity to a coil, which heats the nail in electronic nails. These nails are more expensive than conventional nails but provide butane-free heating with precise temperature control. 

Cap Carb

In essence, a carb cap is a lid. It must also be constructed from a heat-resistant material. The carb cap’s goal is to reduce the pressure inside the banger so that the vaporizing process may occur more quickly. 

Blow Torch 

A dab torch is required for performing a dab because a regular lighter would not suffice. It is not a component of a dab rig setup that is included or a part of a rig for a dab. To heat dab concentrates, you must touch the dab bowl.  


The device is used to dab the hash, rosin, or other refined cannabis product. Glass or metal that can endure high temperatures is typically used to make dabbers.

Pearl Terp

These tiny balls of awesomeness agitate the oils while they are being vaporized. Terp pearls, typically made of Glass or quartz, whirl around the banger when the dabber inhales. To maximize the effects of the cannabis products that are highly concentrated, this disruption is used.

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How to use a dab rig?

Are you looking for a powerful high and a flavor-filled experience? If so, a dab rig might help you.  

A dab is a dose of cannabis concentrate. Concentrates are made up by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter, making dabs incredibly potent and fast acting. To smoke concentrates, called “dabbing.” you use a dab rig, a dabbing bong, or a dab pipe to vaporize the dab. When it comes to blowing a dab with a bong, it’s all about personal preference when choosing the bong.

Step 1-Secure the nail.

It must first be fastened to the dab rig. Usually, all you have to do is connect it to the joint like you would a bong.

But keep in mind that this is the sole occasion when you can fix the nail without determining its temperature. Once you begin dabbing, you’ll need to be careful not to manipulate your banger at too high temperatures.

Step 2: Brush up your nails.

A dab nail made of titanium or quartz should always be seasoned. Unseasoned nails might provide a metallic flavor that you don’t want to inhale into the smoke.

While heating it with your hand, season your nail in the rig by torching it until you notice the nail beginning to turn red. Apply the oil’s essential concentrate next to the nail’s head, using the dabber. Use the tongs to remove the nail and set it into a water dish after it has been completely coated. Before using your new nail for the first time, repeat the procedure at least three times.

Step 3: Set Up Your DAB.

Pick up a small amount of herbal concentrate with the dab tool. Always remember that a little goes a long way when using this strategy.

Step 4– Heat the nail.

The time has come to torch the nail. You won’t need to do this if you have an electric nail. Some dab rigs turn red when they heat up. The temperature may not be reached for up to 30 seconds.

Step-5: Reduce the nail’s temperature.

The nail must now be given some time to cool. Repeat this procedure for twice as long as you heated the nail first. You must allow it to cool completely after a 30-second heat. Keep in mind that nails are made to retain heat, so they will still be quite hot.

Step 6-Pick up the dab and apply the wax/oil on the nail after it has slightly cooled down. The interior of the nail’s edges should be lightly rubbed with the oil-filled end of the wand. Pull air through the chamber while you do this to create vapors that will cause the water to bubble.

As the melting concentrates, you will begin to notice vapors filling the Glass. At this point, breathe in the fragrant herb as it emerges from the down stem. Continue breathing in until there is no longer any vapor visible in the dab rig’s chamber.

The Benefits of Smoking Dab

Everything about how you consume cannabis is up to you. However, people adore dabbing because of a few of its benefits. Smoking dabs has three primary benefits, including:

Better tasting: A dab rig doesn’t produce any chemicals. Therefore, it does not affect concentration. Many people find dabbing cannabis to be more enjoyable since the vapor it produces tastes better and is cleaner.

Stronger potency: The concentrates you use for dabbing are much more potent compared to flowers. Bud normally contains 10–20 percent THC, whereas concentrates contain 50–80 percent THC.

Fewer carcinogens: Because a dab rig doesn’t generate smoke or include other substances, it produces fewer carcinogens. Additionally, extracts include much less plant material, leading to a higher cannabinoid content and less resin ingested. The fact that this is only true if everything is done correctly must be emphasized, though. If you dab at too high a temperature, the concentrate may still burn.

How you choose to smoke is, of course, totally up to you. It’s all about your preference. But there are certain benefits to dabbing that people tend to enjoy.

It would help if you first decided what you hoped to gain from your session before deciding whether to use a flower pipe or a dab rig. Are you trying to find the best possible taste for your best dab rig? Do you want to produce as little smoke as possible? Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s compare the advantages of dabbing and dab rigs versus smoking flowers.

Is dabbing safe?

The dabbing procedure was developed and introduced to give a cleaner, safer, and healthier way to consume cannabis. Cannabis consumers breathe in vapor, not smoke made by burning leaves when they use marijuana.

One should exercise caution when using it, notwithstanding any potential health benefits. Dapping may also cause physical harm, according to certain studies. It releases certain irritants and a compound that causes cancer when employing butane as a solvent. Dabs are frequently prepared at home. Therefore, they might be extracted using chemicals, including insecticides, which could be poisonous.

A Few Final Thoughts on Using A Dab Rig

Once you get the hang of it, using a dab rig is a simple operation that rapidly becomes second nature.

While utilizing a dab rig is a generally nice experience, adding a MouthPeace to your dab rig setup will improve each hit even further.

It may seem insignificant, but the additional filtration provided by the MouthPeace on your oil rig for dabbing contributes to consistently better-tasting hits. Your dab setups won’t be complete without it, as you’ll quickly discover.