In most traditional depictions and descriptions of Tabaxi in fantasy settings like Dungeons & Dragons, Tabaxi are depicted as having fur. Their feline characteristics include a furred body, resembling various types of big cats or other feline species. The fur provides insulation, camouflage, and protection.

However, as with many aspects d&d miniatures of fantasy races, customization and variation are possible within the bounds of the game or story you are creating. If you are a player or a game master, you can certainly explore the concept of a hairless Tabaxi variant in your game. You can create a unique backstory or rationale for why a Tabaxi character is hairless, whether it’s due to a rare genetic mutation, a magical occurrence, or a specific cultural or environmental factor.

It’s important to remember that any deviations from established lore should be discussed and agreed upon with your gaming group or incorporated in your storytelling in a coherent and balanced manner.