Like most plastic containers, square plastic containers are quite popular among various kinds of businesses for storage, display, and even collection purposes. If you’re unsure of how to use these containers in your business, or aren’t even sure your business could use them, check out the five ideas below.1. Use Square Plastic Containers to Give Back to Your CustomersThese containers are excellent display tools for complimentary items such as breath mints, toothpicks, and hand wipes, as well as meal extras like packets of condiments and sugar and sweeteners. Of course, depending on your establishment, there are plenty of container bestellen other complimentary items you can display in these containers. For example, if you manage a hotel or motel, you might want to use these containers in your individual rooms to hold travel-sized hygiene products and single-serve packets of coffee, stir sticks, and packets of cream and sugar. 2. Use Square Plastic Containers to Store and Display FoodYou don’t have to manage a restaurant to need these acrylic food-grade containers to store and display food. Many kinds of businesses – from convenience stores and gas stations to candy stores and hotel dining areas – use these containers to store and display food items. NOTE: If you plan to display unwrapped food items – whether they’re unwrapped gumballs or candies or freshly baked brownies or cupcakes – make sure you choose containers with appropriate tools and accessories. For example, you can find square plastic containers with lids to help keep your food fresh, as well as with handles or handgrips to help your customers pour the amount of product they want. You can also add additional accessories like plastic or aluminum tongs or scoops to further help your customers conveniently access the food while still keeping it safe from contamination. 3. Use Square Plastic Containers to Let Your Customers Show AppreciationNot every customer says, “Keep the change,” and square plastic containers are excellent tools for collecting tips from your customers. You can situate them on the individual tables within your restaurant or situate them within certain area’s of your bar’s countertop. If you manage an establishment similar to a “fast food” restaurant, or the bulk of the employee and customer interaction takes place near the establishment’s checkout counter, consider placing the tip container near the checkout register.4. Use Square Plastic Containers to Show Your Customers Your AppreciationMany businesses hold drawings or raffles for prizes or free merchandise, as well as collect customers’ business cards or contact information to notify them about any specials or discounts currently going on. If your business regularly does things like this – or, you’re interested in starting – consider using these containers to collect the tickets, cards, or information from your customers. As with containers you use to collect tips, you can place these containers anywhere from your checkout countertop to individual tables and on your bar’s counter.5. Use Square Plastic Containers for Behind-the-Scenes StorageYou might want to purchase new containers or you might want to retire old containers and move them from the front of your business to the back. Whatever you choose to do, know that these containers are good for more than just offering food or complimentary items to your customers or collecting tips, business cards, or raffle tickets!